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Music for Children on Just Dance Kids!

Music for Children on Just Dance Kids!

By daniele

Trying to remain motionless is useless. Everyone will be dancing to this uplifting, enjoyable children’s dance music, even the parents!

Our excellent playlist offers a taste of ’90s nostalgia, vintage ’80s sounds, contemporary jam-worthy music, and of course, well-known Disney classics. Whatever musical style your family prefers, there’s sure to be something to get you and the kids moving. (Seriously, who among us can still resist “Thriller” after all these years?)

Turn up the music and grab your speakers. The best way to liven up any playdate, meal, or casual night at home is with the finest dance songs for kids.

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Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”

You’re right, Pharrell, happiness is unquestionably the truth. We instantly swooned when this song made its debut in Despicable Me 2, and we’ve been clapping along ever since.

Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

JT, we are also powerless to halt the emotion. Your infectious rhythm and vocal range in this jam-worthy song have us utterly enamored. It’s kind of difficult not to comply when a vocalist sings, “Dance, dance, dance, dance,” don’t you think? Bonus: Trolls, one of your children’s favorite movies, used this song.

Hanson’s “MMMBop”

Although there has been much debate over the song’s true meaning, it will always be one of the most infectious dance tracks. If you missed one or two verses, don’t worry!

Los Del Rio’s “Macarena”

Although this song has been around for a while, the popular beat and accompanying dancing motions transcend generational boundaries. Is there anyone left who is unable to perform the Macarena?

The Michael Jackson song “Thriller”

The spooky-cool Michael Jackson song, which has inspired some wickedly enjoyable dance movements to blast out at weddings or Halloween parties, is a must-have on any dance playlist.

The Jackson Five’s “ABC”

The Jackson Five lend their bluesy flavor to the “ABCs.” No one can help but jam out to these famous brothers, especially when they’re headed by the king of music (budding king of pop at the time).