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How to Serve Grapes to Kids

How to Serve Grapes to Kids

By daniele

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Grapes are delicious, hydrating, and a fantastic source of vitamins K and C. Children under the age of 4, pose the greatest risk of choking, thus it’s crucial to take precautions while serving them to infants and toddlers.

Risks of Choking from Grapes

Because they are round and roughly the same size as children’s throats, whole grapes are thought to pose a choking hazard to children. Additionally, they are slippery and may be challenging for small mouths to bite into.

The simplest approach to avoid any problems with grapes is to cut them; moreover, make sure the children are seated while they consume them.

How to Cut Grapes for 9 to 12-Month-Old Babies

Cut the grapes in half, then in quarters, using a pair of kitchen scissors rather than a knife (less fruit rolling around to worry about!). After that, chop them into little pieces. These are simple for the baby to pick up and chew with their fingers.

TIP: These bits are roughly the size of one to two peas. More of my favorite Stage 3 Baby Foods and my top finger foods for babies can be found here.

How to Cut Grapes for 12 to 24-Month-Old Toddlers

Grapes can still be diced for one-year-olds, but you can now start presenting them in quarters. The secret is to slice the grapes into long, narrow pieces by cutting them vertically.

Each grape should be divided into two halves.

Grapes for Toddlers 24-36 Months: How to Cut

Grapes can be cut in half for children over 2 (or older if you are concerned about their ability to chew). Keep in mind that if you want narrow halves, you must cut grapes vertically rather than horizontally. The danger of choking from horizontally halved grapes is comparable to that of a full grape.

Quarter any doubts you may have.

TIP: Children above the age of four normally need to be able to chew.