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Check this before buying your 1st grade backpack

Check this before buying your 1st grade backpack

By daniele

A child’s life undergoes a significant adjustment when they move from kindergarten to school, including choosing a backpack. The backpack must be larger, but it will also be used much more frequently. The backpack must therefore provide excellent carrying comfort, be sturdy, and be simple to use so that the kids can use it independently.

providing comfort

Did you know that in just seven school years, the daily distance walked by a youngster who lives 1.5 km from school equals the distance from Los Angeles to New York? The significance of a good backpack is then obvious. Pick a bag that you can expand from, not into. We advise verifying:

Does the chest strap on the bag have a height adjustment? Make sure the armpit is level with it by adjusting it. The chest strap is crucial so that the arms may move freely because it stops the backpack from falling off the shoulders.

Is there a proper hip belt on the backpack? Most school backpacks feature a hip belt but check that it is well-padded and has some extra length. Most of the weight should rest on the pelvis crest. When the youngster jumps and sprints, a proper hip belt also ensures adequate stability and prevents the backpack from bouncing about excessively. Read more about the laboratory testing of our bags.

Top tensioners, which rest on top of the shoulder strap, are crucial for bringing the weight of the backpack closer to the shoulder. Without top tensioners, the child could be dragged back by the weight of the backpack.

The back should be comfortably padded and fit the body as closely as possible. The anatomically designed backs of Beckmann’s backpacks allow them to fit snugly against the body without cutting into the buttocks or leaning away from the neck at the top. Avoid selecting a bag with a padded back.

Smart answers

First-grade bag options may all appear to be the same from the outside, but it’s crucial to open each bag and learn about its purposes and solutions before choosing.